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Elevate your Pilates teaching career with our dynamic 50-hour Reformer Pilates Course, thoughtfully structured to blend online learning with in-person training.


This hybrid course is specifically designed for anyone aiming to advance their knowledge and expertise, offering an in-depth exploration of over 50 exercises and progressions on the Reformer.


What is Included In The Course:


  • Pilates origins
  • How Pilates has evolved over time
  • How our course fuses both classical, contemporary and dynamic Reformer Pilates
  • Defining Pilates
  • Pelvic tilt and abdominal activation
  • Health and safety
  • Spring tensions
  • Cues
  • Breathing and room set up
  • Learn how to safely instruct over 55 Reformer Pilates Exercises, progressions, and regressions, with supplementary equipment from our online videos 
  • Two Day In Person Workshop with Lead Educator Sam Burch (Contact us to Confrim Dates)


Our comprehensive and balanced course fuses traditional Joseph Pilates' principles and modern dynamic functional exercises to empower you to create engaging, safe, and effective Pilates classes that meet (and exceed!) industry expectations and standards.


'Change happens through movement and movement heals' - Joseph Pilates


The online component of the course provides the convenience of self-paced study, Discover the ultimate blend of digital convenience and hands-on learning,  thoughtfully designed for instructors seeking an in-depth understanding of how to safely and effectively teach over 50 exercises and progressions. This hybrid program combines the best of both worlds: engaging online modules for theoretical learning and in-person sessions for practical, hands-on experience.


Our curriculum delves deep into the principles and practices of Reformer Pilates, covering a wide range of exercises from beginner to intermdiate levels. You'll learn the nuances of technique, alignment, and sequencing to ensure your classes are both safe and transformative for your students. Through a combination of high-quality video tutorials, live webinars, and interactive discussions, the online component allows you to absorb the theoretical aspects of Reformer Pilates at your own pace.


The two day in-person sessions, held at select studios, are designed to enrich your learning experience with direct feedback, demonstrations, and the opportunity to practice teaching under the guidance of seasoned Pilates professionals.

This hands-on approach ensures you gain the confidence and skills to apply what you've learned effectively in a real-world setting.


Whether you're new to Pilates or looking to deepen your expertise or expand your Pilates offerings, our Reformer Pilates Course is tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of teaching methodologies, exercise adaptations, and progressions. You'll emerge from this program with a richer understanding of Reformer Pilates, ready to inspire and lead your students through their Pilates journey with confidence and skill.


Message us to confirm in person training dates to join a community of Pilates instructors committed to excellence in practice and teaching, and take the first step towards mastering the art and science of Reformer Pilates.


    Earn 30 CEC points and a nationally recognised qualification with Exercise NZ


    To pass the course you will need to safely demonstrate 5 x exercises and progressions/regressions, and take a 30 minute assesemnt from your learnings from the course.

    Level #1 Reformer Pilates

    • Course is Non Refundable

      Course is delivred online and in person (2 days)

      You will be sent instructions for how to set up your account after purchase 

      Email for upcoming course dates

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